S.O.S (Search our supplier) Service

- S.O.S Service -

My new SOS (Search our supplier) service has been created to help couples who are struggling to find a supplier.  As a wedding planner and a bride, I know how stressful it can be when you are trying to get quotes from suppliers.  When I was trying to find a car for my bridesmaids I emailed ten local limo companies and only two replied.


Perhaps you are struggling to find a supplier within your budget or maybe you are getting stressed out with being inundated with phone calls when you really just want a quick quote emailed back to you.


I already have highly rated suppliers on my books but don’t worry, I will ensure that you are matched with the right supplier for you and do the shopping around for you.


My SOS service is available on a commission basis and for a limited time only, if you don’t book a supplier I have found then you don’t pay any commission.


If you would like some more information, then please get in touch I am happy to arrange face to face meetings, telephone meetings or have everything organised over email.

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